Ten Excellent Tips for Choosing a Tax Services Provider

July 25, 2013 by  
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When it comes to choosing a tax preparation services provider in Ardmore, Oklahoma, you will want to choose one wisely. It is crucial for you to understand that no matter who prepares your taxes, you are responsible for how they are prepared. Keeping this in mind, you will want to choose a tax preparation services provider in Ardmore, Oklahoma that you can trust and are comfortable with. Thankfully, most tax preparers are honest and legit; however, you will need to keep the following ten tips in mind so that you can avoid those who are not.

Tip 1. Identify Qualifications

Those who prepare taxes are now required to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number. You need to ask your preparer for his or her number, followed then by making sure the number is legit.

Tip 2. Check Out the Preparer’s History

The Better Business Bureau should have some kind of record on the person you are interested in preparing your taxes. You should check with the bureau to make sure the person has no type of questionable history. If there are any questionable actions, this does not necessarily mean you should disqualify the person from doing your taxes, but you should check deeper into the matter by making sure all disciplinary actions were followed through with.

Tip 3. Ask About Electronic Filing

A tax preparer in Ardmore, Oklahoma who gets paid for his or her services must offer electronic filing if more than 10 tax returns are prepared and filed. You will want to make sure that your tax preparer offers this type of service.

Tip 4. Ask About Fees

One of the main determining factors in choosing a tax preparer will be the person’s fees. Some tax preparers will charge an arm-and-a-leg for their services, so you should avoid them. In fact, for a simple tax return, you should pay well under $100 for the services rendered. If you have a more complex tax return, a bit of a higher fee should be expected.

Tip 5. Where is the Return Deposited?

Never should you hire a tax preparer in Ardmore, Oklahoma who has part or all of your refund(s) deposited into his or her bank account. You need to make sure that your refund is going to be mailed directly to you, or that it will be deposited in your bank account.

Tip 6. Identify Communication Methods

You need to make sure that the tax preparer you partner with will provide you with several forms of communication. Three of the more common types of communication methods that should be accessible include by phone, email and postal mail.

Tip 7. Asking for Paperwork

A reputable tax preparer will want to verify your income as well as receipts for your expenses. If you come across a tax preparation services provider who is willing to prepare your taxes without a W-2 form, you will want to steer clear of him or her because both you and the preparer could be charged and convicted criminally for filing taxes without the proper paperwork.

Tip 8. Are You Provided a Blank Return?

If your tax preparer asks you to sign a blank tax form, you should take your tax returns somewhere else.

Tip 9. Reviewing Your Tax Return

A tax preparer in Ardmore, Oklahoma who is is worth obtaining services from will allow you to thoroughly review your tax return before signing it. In doing this, you can make sure everything is filled out correctly, including your bank account number, SSN, address and more.

Tip 10. Is the Return Signed by the Preparer?

If you pay your tax preparer for the services received, he or she is legally obligated to sign your tax return. In addition to his or her signature, he or she must also provide his Preparer Tax Identification Number.

Bonus Tip 11. Deal with a local preparer

Dealing with a local company for your tax services makes sense.  You will need to provide paperwork to your tax preparer and chances are you’ll forget something.  It’s much easier to run by the Ardmore, Oklahoma office and drop off paperwork than have to keep mailing it in.  Also, face to face conversations and signing of documents are much easier if you are dealing with a local tax preparer.